Global Import/Export Sourcing & Inspection

Import/Export Sourcing & Inspection

Greater Global is an import/export service company specializing in automotive and Industrial product sourcing and inspection. We make overseas sourcing extremely simple by eliminating language, time zone and cultural barriers. Our strength comes from our people who work hard every day to take the extra step toward complete customer satisfaction. With global supply chain experience spanning over 35 years, we have vetted, identified and partnered with the most reliable and efficient talents in the manufacturing industry that make up our extensive network of qualified factories.

We work with our customers from our offices in Florida and Shanghai. Our office in Shanghai allows us to monitor the production of customer's products on-site. We believe that there should be no surprises in any shipment and our motto: "Inspect what you Expect" is an operating credo.

Customer service is our primary focus. Greater Global has constantly leveraged our passion for excellence in every service we offer and every order we take.

We provide our customers with fully integrated, custom fit supply chain solutions. Every service we provide at Greater Global is custom-tailored for the unique needs of our customers and the individual characteristics of their products. We are a one-stop-shop for all your outsourcing needs.

Greater Global operates on five guiding values:

ProfessionalismProviding customers the best solutions
ExperienceCombining global reach with local expertise
AccountabilityDelivering on promises and commitments
Customer FocusUnderstanding the needs of our customer
ExcellencePursuing excellence in everything we do